Excellence through exquisite craftmanship

In 2020, Ezele (pronounced “e-zel”) was born in Sweden on the belief that creating luxury unisex bracelets with a meaning that are applicable to both women and men are missing. The driving force behind the establishment was the inquiries we captured through crowdfunding. The journey started one year ago. Our first drops consisting of four product lines were presented and responded with a huge interest. This response was valuable for us and we decided to launch our brand on our website. We invested more to create new designs with the same signature as our first drop. For us a bracelet is a versatile accessory with the purpose to reflect your personality and complement your daily fashionable outfits in a distinct way. It is a symbol of who you are, what you love and what you stand for.


The first drops of our brand the Ezele Gemstone Tach Collection

Ezele stands for eternity and we associate the infinite love we have for the art to create timeless pieces that bring up an emotional connection with a meaning. With our traditional Swedish design culture we aim to create bracelets with passion and genuine love for your specific occasional attire. Our masterpieces are a result of a meticulous craftsmanship at all levels. In order to ensure a high-end result the choice of material and shape together with a preserving comfort are one of the key factors of our designs.


Our one clear mission in mind is to create high-end luxury unisex bracelets that will not be interchangeable and give our customers the possibility to achieve this extra shine and charm when combining them with their favourite fashionable outfits and watches.



As a team we believe in transparency throughout a genuine bond with the people we interact with. From the very beginning customer service has been our core value to success. We highly value customer satisfaction and always make sure to take their feedback into account in order to offer the utmost service they desire. Our identity and expertise are inextricably linked and we always strive to combine the best of material, shape and comfort to always ensure superior products.


Our planet has always been in a state of volatility and despite all environmental-friendly efforts it is still a subject to negative impact. Ezele has a responsibility to always align the work towards a sustainability path by understanding and not understating the environmental and social impacts. We are one of few brands that use eco-friendly paper for our gift boxes instead of plastic materials. We aim to grow our business in a sustainable way by keeping a close relation to our partners and ensuring that a change needed for a greener planet is implemented.