Ruya of elmas iced out luxury bracelet

For the majority of the people the word luxury is defined by a state of comfort and exclusiveness combined with power and wealth. Individuals tend to associate luxury with expensive products only but for us this way of interpreting is old fashioned. In fact, it is not only a matter of the price tag and we believe that there are other values beyond these. We think that the definition has to be concretized with something. Something that provides pleasure through its captivating look and enables you to get a taste of its mesmerized attributes. It has to be the ultimate form of aesthetics and excellence through a well elaborated choice of exceptional materials and an astounding craftsmanship that is observable by the vibe it sends out. This brought a belief to us that we needed to create a signature line with premium pieces aimed to provide you the luxury and status you demand.

Ezele shares the pleasure to introduce our handmade world class Ruya of Elmas Bracelet, the dream of diamonds, which will be a definite game changer among your selection of accessories. Immerse your soul in our first luxury selection bracelet with numerous eye catching details ensuring a lifetime of treasured memories. Characterized by an attraction of its visual perfection, this sensual diamond beauty with its admiring shape and pattern will make you the epicenter wherever you go.

Luxury zirconia diamond bracelet with blue iconic box and gold gift wrap

Encrusted with fine cut dazzling zirconia diamonds all around the Ruya of Elmas is handcrafted with a tremendous effort of commitment, love and emotion. The bottom clasp consists of a strong spring mechanism enabling an easy wear and tear motion together with a preserved comfort for optimal use. The top separated diamond cuboid heads of the bracelet are adorned by an enlarged size of the iconic Ezele motif that are perfectly calibrated to have white rays emerging from the diamonds, but also to create a personalization. This is what makes Ruya of Elmas one-of-a-kind of its sort and this was also our ambition when constructing our first luxury piece.

You can either match your business or casual attire and enhance the classy look you desire or you can combine the Ruya of Elmas together with your favorite watch. Regardless of the choice you make you will always get noticed in public with this distinctive bracelet. If you opt to choose between different white gold diamond bracelets this masterpiece is perfectly suited for this purpose. The Ruya of Elmas comes with our iconic blue box which is also ideal as a gift to the ones you care about.

ruya of elmas iced out luxury and premium bracelet with coffee

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