ezele yeshil tach luxury selection

As the Ezele brand continues to grow we keep developing our design philosophy by primarily taking our customers feedback into account and make sure to add new cherished products into our selection that will create a surge of excitement. One of our fundamentals is our principle of handmade products that we follow in order to ensure uncompromising quality and observable details. This is simply the way we express the passion and genuine love towards our customers through our products. We believe that this valuation is the key factor behind our success and we always strive to make new releases through innovation. Innovation that are driven by an extensive analysis of different trends where potential design ideas are first generated and then transformed into real products.

The iconic Ezele green tiger eye beads bracelet with the luxury blue gift box and gift wrap

Be ready to enjoy our latest luxury selection drop Ezele Yeshil Tach, the “Green Stone”, bracelet featuring the timeless Ezele logo pendant in gold at the epicenter guarded by a set of the noble green tiger eye beads. This multifaceted design illuminates the essence of tiger eye beads and epitomizes the iconic embossed Ezele logo which makes this bracelet special. The combination of gold and green was chosen intentionally since we believe that these colors together evoke an energy of calmness and confidence. In fact golden details of this appealing bracelet tend to stand out boldly among the prevailing green which is also evident by the aura the Ezele logo exudes.

The luxury Ezele green tiger eye beads bracelet

Luxury as it is the Yeshil Tach bracelet is the outcome of our relentless pursuit to achieve design excellence through an eminent effort. It will embrace your choice of any attire and make sure to complete your desire to dress up in a fire. Feel the freedom to wear one of the neatest gemstone bracelets available and create unforgettable memories that will last forever.

Outfit inspiration for the stunning Ezele green tiger eye beads bracelet

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