Embrace the world with the world of Ezele together with our unisex Gemstone Tach Bracelets. For most of us an outstanding outfit can just be complete with bracelets, not any type but a special one with the purpose to complement any occasions of your daily lifestyle. Our premium unisex Gemstone Tach Bracelets are uniquely designed where each stone and bead are selected with ease to make you move smoothly from business to casual attire. The 18K gold and the stainless steel stones are both characteristic eye catchers that stand for fertility and create a classier look.

With attention paid to small details and high quality beads, the ambition is to level up your selection of accessories and enable you to discover luxury in every drop. Not only will the bracelets embellish the aesthetic value, but they will also enhance your personality in a positive way. The combination of colour and beads in four editions gives a wide range of possibilities for you to have the best bracelet suited for the occasion.

For our first unisex gemstone collection designs the aim was to choose monochromatic beads in accordance to colours we believe are not interchangeable. Colours that have contrast to each other. Colours that will shine at any instant moment and place. Colours that will match your watch in the wrist game. Apart from fashion style advantages gemstones enable you to find the inner serenity you need. Thanks to their healing and positive energetic effects a balance of harmony and endurance within yourself is believed to be generated. The beneficial effect of the beads will definitely make them unbeatable in the game.

Featuring our minimalistic noble handcrafted Gemstone Tach Bracelets from Sweden that will add a pop of colour and elegance to your daily outfits. The collection can suit any style and genders from all ages. Now you can live everyday with the way of Ezele.

Let the bracelet be the signification of you. Let new memories be made. Let the game change.

Stay tuned for future splendid releases…

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