The limit for perfection has no imaginary borders and is as endless as our desires. It is love, in its different forms, that allows us to be our most authentic selves. Ezele Sultana The One Shamrock Green is the correspondence to this love. For those who search this favourite bracelet of all among their collection, The One is a definite choice to go for. The significances of this masterpiece are boldly demonstrated on the choice of shape and material. An admirable shape with a classy look and a comfortable fit at the same time. Each cuff is plated in 18K gold and is handcrafted with signature.

The word Sultana from the ancient Sultan, standing for strength and authority, combined with our brand motive is the way we portray ourselves. As a brand we constantly endeavour to break conventions and redefine limits. This is a direct reflection of our entrepreneurial spirit and our core values we have when we make bold statements and pave the way for new possibilities.

Design of the elegant and luxury sultana cuff

Our brand stands for eternity and the infinite love we have for the art to create timeless pieces that bring up an emotional connection with a meaning. We aim to establish a new segment in the luxury accessories business with our compassionate design culture. The One is a result of our diligent craftsmanship and a strong dedication to beauty at first glance. As in fact it is the testimony to our belief in harmony and a clear concretization of our idealistic mind set for bracelets. Attention to details is a reflection of our development as a brand and will always be a constant source of inspiration for us.

The Speedcuff collection comes in additional two colours chosen for you.

gold cuff bracelet, green luxury bracelet and black polished cuff bracelet

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